Harness the potential of EHR with groundbreaking add-on dashboard technology. EHR Command Center rapidly synthesizes mountains of patient records and empowers doctors to transform healthcare.  We help practices provide better patient care, prevent medical errors, and supercharge productivity. One concise interactive dashboard makes medical delivery more efficient for better patient outcomes. Unnecessary diagnostic testing is avoided and the overall cost of healthcare is reduced.

Our technology


Our pioneering technology makes doctors better doctors. It increases accuracy and efficiency in medical care and helps prevent medical errors. Our revolutionary dashboard instantly synthesizes and clarifies mountains of electronic medical records reducing computer-facing time so that doctors can focus on their patients; giving them the care that they deserve. Through built-in monitoring and alerts, our tool notifies doctors immediately when routine diagnostic tests are due and provides a single screen with all relevant patient and financial data. The Command Center boosts productivity for doctors, dentists, and allied health professionals of every medical specialty.

Patient Safety

Our comprehensive patient information correlator helps doctors reduce medical errors by catching them before they occur. EHR Command Center employs pattern recognition that actually catches inconsistencies in documentation, sends instant alerts to the doctor, and enables instant correction. Imaging, diagnostic test results, clinical findings, and treatments are presented simultaneously to facilitate interpretation and cause and effect conclusions. Services billed previously are displayed as well to double-check historical medical conditions. This at-a-glance dashboard supercharges clinical productivity, helps to prevent medical errors, and instills patient confidence.


Our innovative compliance tool helps doctors comply with federal regulations and insurance standards.  This protects patients by preventing medical errors and protects practices by ensuring proper chart documentation.  EHR Command Center’s cross-referencing capability verifies concordance between what was documented during patient visits versus what was actually billed. By identifying mismatches, it both prevents compliance issues and ensures that services are accounted for and billed completely. Our powerful technology automates referrals and pre-authorizations, verifies medical necessity, and warns of documentation inconsistencies.


EHR Command Center aligns treatment plans with medical standards of care and automatically notifies doctors when patients have missing diagnostic tests, lab tests, or appointments. Our fully customizable tool allows doctors to define their own preferred practice patterns which trigger alerts when deviations from these patterns arise. These notifications identify opportunities, which in turn, increases quality, decreases liability, and ensures that physicians are reimbursed for delivery of excellent care.

Revenue Cycle Management

Our unique revenue cycle management tool provides doctors with real-time costs associated with treatments prescribed and services ordered.  Details of claims billed along with payments made appear on the dashboard empowering physicians to make informed decisions. For multispecialty practices, it gives visibility to colleagues’ treatments and post-operative care for the patient ensuring proper use of coding modifiers.


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What else we provide?

EHR Integration

Our add-on dashboard integrates with existing EHR platforms to provide direct access to critical patient information.  Through partnerships with renowned global medical technology companies, integration with doctors and practices is simplified.  Since this is add-on technology, changing EHR software is unnecessary – our dashboard communicates with your current system.

On-Site Implementation

We provide on-site training to optimize your use of EHR Command Center’s robust technology.  With deep clinical experience, our trainers guide doctors and their teams through implementation and provide ongoing technical support.

Innovation for Today

I believe EHR Command Center has the potential to take the practice of medicine to a whole new level. We need a one-page report that will synthesize pertinent clinical, financial and administrative information into an easy to understand, flexible format that can be modified to meet the needs of any practice. I am convinced…that this is what your “Command Center” can do. It is by and far the most extensive compliance tool that I have encountered to date. — Gerald Meltzer, MD, MSHA, Clinical Director, iMedicWare