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Harnessing the Potential of EHR

Harness the potential of EHR with groundbreaking add-on dashboard technology.  EHR Command Center (EC2) rapidly synthesizes mountains of patient data and empowers doctors to transform healthcare.  Created and tested by a group of devoted MDoffice and Medflow users, EC2 maximizes your EMR investment while helping you deliver better patient care, prevent medical errors, and increase productivity. Our actionable interactive dashboard delivers on the digital potential of EMR and counters the significant loss of productivity, reduced patient interaction, and income that has come to be accepted by physicians since the implementation of EMR. All pertinent information appears on a single screen – testing, procedures, office visits, and clinical findings – to dramatically reduce screen time and allow more time for the practice of medicine.


Our pioneering technology equips physicians with complete and accurate data on a single screen.  By improving access to critical insights and eliminating unnecessary screen-hopping, EC2 improves care and reduces encounter time.

Patient Safety

Employing pattern recognition and a powerful rules engine, our flowsheet continuously monitors clinical documentation and provides real-time alerts for inconsistencies within care guidelines and coding.


EC2 is a cost-effective solution that addresses the growing complexity and cost associated with regulatory compliance.  Our technology acts as an intelligent sentinel to reduce medical errors that place the patient and provider at risk.


As clinical benchmarking increasingly impacts financial integrity and online reputation scores, EC2’s proprietary rules engine aligns treatment plans with medical standards and alerts you of potential care gaps and incomplete documentation.

Revenue Cycle Management

By equipping your billing and administrative staff with our powerful technology, EC2 maximizes your practice's financial health by revealing complete and accurate insights within the most efficient user-experience. 

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Our early adopters were concerned about losing the significant time and money they invested in their current EHR/PM technology.  Consequently, we hired a highly experienced team within the critical area of interoperability design and development.  We are excited to demonstrate how our seamless integration allows our clients to protect and unlock the true value of their EHR/PM technology investment.

Customized Implementation Experience

Unlike the costly and disruptive implementations experienced with previous technology go-lives that were often rigid and required schedule reductions by as much as 50% (and which rarely return to previous volumes), EC2 offers a customized experience.  Our clients can expect to be leveraging EC2 with as little as 1 to 2 hours of training and we schedule implementations around your schedule to minimize impact on critical patient volumes.

Innovation for Today

I believe EHR Command Center has the potential to take the practice of medicine to a whole new level. We need a one-page report that will synthesize pertinent clinical, financial and administrative information into an easy to understand, flexible format that can be modified to meet the needs of any practice. I am convinced…that this is what your “Command Center” can do. It is by and far the most extensive compliance tool that I have encountered to date. 

— Gerald Meltzer, MD, MSHA, Medical Director, EyeMed Vision Care

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