Our pioneering technology makes doctors better doctors. It increases accuracy and efficiency in medical care and helps prevent medical errors. Our revolutionary dashboard instantly synthesizes and clarifies mountains of electronic medical records reducing computer-facing time so that doctors can focus on their patients; giving them the care that they deserve.

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For years, doctors have been working for data.  Now it’s time for data to start working for doctors.

A three-year study conducted at Oregon Health & Science University determined that the time required to properly document a patient’s visit increased an average of 6.8 minutes with electronic health records.  Our dashboard significantly reduces this time and boosts productivity for doctors and allied health professionals across specialties.

EHR Command Center brings together all of the medically and financially pertinent information health care providers and their staffs need to understand the patient’s past and current history – on one concise page.  Through built-in monitoring and alerts, our tool notifies doctors immediately when routine diagnostic tests are due. This revolutionary tool facilitates fast and accurate decision making for better patient outcomes and increased productivity.

As soon as I need something bam, it’s there.  EC2 is so easy and efficient that I can practice and see patients at my speed.

Walter Egenmaier, O.D.
EyeCare Consultants OD/MD, Evansville, IN

Patient Safety

We employ pattern recognition that catches inconsistencies.


Our innovative compliance tool helps doctors comply with industry standards.  


EHR Command Center aligns treatment plans with medical standards. 


EC2 strengthens revenue integrity programs by verifying compliance.