Revenue Cycle Management

Our unique revenue cycle management tool provides doctors with real-time costs associated with treatments prescribed and services ordered.  Details of claims billed along with payments made appear on the dashboard empowering physicians to make informed decisions.

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For multispecialty practices, it gives doctors visibility to treatments performed by colleagues as well as patients’ post-operative care ensuring proper use of coding modifiers.

For one large Philadelphia area multispecialty ophthalmology practice, a recent audit of 174 patient charts over a five-day period uncovered potential revenue loss of $29,000. Auditors determined that this loss was directly attributable to its providers not using EHR Command Center’s dashboard to catch and correct billing errors.


Our pioneering technology makes doctors better doctors.

Patient Safety

We employ pattern recognition that catches inconsistencies.


EHR Command Center aligns treatment plans with medical standards. 


Our innovative compliance tool helps doctors comply with industry standards.