Patient Safety

Our comprehensive patient information correlator helps doctors reduce medical errors by catching them before they occur. Imaging, diagnostic test results, clinical findings, and treatments are presented simultaneously with clinical findings and treatments performed to facilitate interpretation and cause and effect conclusions. Built-in alerts warn of sudden clinical changes as data is inputted calling attention to abnormalities and/or possible documentation or ordering errors.

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Specialists who treat bilateral anatomies understand how exam distractions and EMR data entry contribute to right and left documentation errors.  Our columnar visual display and built-in pattern recognition algorithms help clinicians record information correctly.  This helps avoid billing errors for treatment deemed not medically necessary and deniable by insurance companies when it appears to have been ordered for the wrong side.

Services billed previously are displayed as well which provides a double-check of historical medical conditions. Doctors have a bird’s eye view of situations as they makes decisions.  They can quickly discover medical and billing errors and correct these issues while examining patients.

EHR Command Center supercharges clinical productivity by presenting all pertinent patient information in one at-a-glance dashboard to greatly reduce time spent previously navigating through multiple screens. More patient-facing time helps to instill patient confidence.


Our pioneering technology makes doctors better doctors.


Our innovative compliance tool helps doctors comply with industry standards.  


EHR Command Center aligns treatment plans with medical standards. 


Our unique revenue cycle management tool provides real-time costs.